Create Target Numbers

What is a Target Number?

A target number is the phone number on your website that our script will dynamically change to be a tracking number. Some websites only have one target Number on their website - their main phone number. Others may have different target numbers for sales and service or different numbers for different locations, regions, or divisions.

You can configure CallTrackingMetrics to swap some or all of your target numbers with different tracking numbers.

In general it is important to understand that tracking numbers can replace one or more target numbers and you have the flexibility to have certain tracking numbers replacing certain target numbers on your website.

For example, if you have a Maryland location and a Delaware location, you might have two phone numbers (target numbers) on your website. To replace those numbers with tracking numbers, you would have two target numbers: one that is your Maryland number and one that is your Delaware number.  You would associate all the local Maryland tracking numbers with the Maryland target number and the local Delaware tracking numbers with the Delaware target number.

Add or Manage Your Target Numbers

1. Go to Numbers → Target Numbers

2. Click “Create Target Number” button in the upper right or click "Edit" next to the target number you wish to update.

  • ​​Label Number: Choose a name that identifies where this number is on the website or what the number is used for (optional).
  • Target Number: This is the number in your website you want replaced.
  • Exact Match: Only turn this on if you have letters in your phone number instead of numbers.  This can also be used if you have special characters or HTML formatting inside your phone number on your site.
If you have multiple target numbers on your website you will want to create separate target numbers.
3. Select the Tracking Numbers that should replace this target number.
  • Those in the right column will replace the target number if the visitor is coming through the tracking source of the tracking number.

4. Save the Target Number.

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