Automatic Email Notifications

You can set up various types of emails to trigger each time a call comes into your tracking numbers.

To get started you will go to Notifications with in the Reporting Menu. You will see any notifications that you have already scheduled here.

Click "add notification" button to create a new notification. You can choose the type of notification that you wish to send. Simply fill out the form.

The first part you will name you notification, this will NOT be included in the email.

Next you will fill out step one of how and when to be notified:


You will get a drop down of all of your options:

Your options are as follows based on the condition set up in step 3

Email After Call: An email after every call based
Text Message After Call: You will receive a text message after every call
Daily Email of Calls: A email list of all your calls for the past 24 hours
Weekly Email of Calls: A email list of calls for the past week
Monthly Email of Calls: A email list of calls for the past month
Form Reactor Email: A email list of the form reactor form submissions
Tracking Number Purchase: An email of any tracking number purchased
Tracking Number Released: An email of any tracking number released

Next you will select who will be notified. Notifications can be sent to any email address, they do not have to be registered users in our system. Please note that the first text box is the email SUBJECT the second text box is the email recipients or the phone number we are texting. We will auto-populate the list of emails from the users or if you type out the whole email and wait a few seconds then you will see the result found click on the result and it will add it for you.


Below is an example of what you would see by waiting:


The next thing you will fill out is the conditions. The conditions that you choose tells us when to send the email. If no conditions are selected then you will get an email after every call.


You will want to click on "Add Condition" button.

Once you click on the button you will see Trigger Notification when:


You can choose from any of the drop down:


The options for triggers are as follows:

Menu Key Press: If you have a IVR set up or a voicemail box where a keypress is being press within CTM
Agent: Based off of who answered the phone agents can manually be assigned or if you use a call queue automatically be assigned
Tagged with: If you are tagging the calls
Tracking Source: The tracking source of the call
Tracking Number: Which tracking number is called
Call Dial Status: No - Answer , Completed
Call Duration: The length of the call including Ringtime
Call Talk Time: Length of the call not including ring time
Call Ring Time: How long the call rang for
Call Direction: inbound or outbound calls

Next is the is the comparison:


Include Any: if it contains this OR this send notification
Includes All: if it contains this AND this send notification
Excludes Any: if it does not contain this OR this send notification
Excludes All: if it does not contain this AND this send notification
Equal To: Time in seconds
Greater Then: Time in seconds
Greater or Equal To: Time in seconds
Less Then: Time in seconds
Less Then or Equal To:Time in seconds

Next you will select what you want or the time. We will give you a pre populated list of the options you have available. So for sources we will give you all of the sources you have available. If you have key presses we will tell you what numbers you can choose from.

You can choose as many as you would like.

In the next section you will choose what fields from the call log you would like to include.

By default everything is included except the receiving number, transcription and form fields.
By clicking on the item you can move it from left to right and this will either include it or exclude it from your notification.

The following is a list of the fields that you can have.

Name: Name of the Caller
Number: The Callers phone number
Tracking Number: The tracking number that was called
Receiving Number : The number that we rang to
Caller Detail Link: A link back to the caller detail in the Call log
Tracking Source: The Tracking Source they called from
Transcription: If you have transcription turned on for voicemails this will be included in the notification
Caller New or Repeat: will tell you if the caller is new or Repeat
Address: The Address of the caller
Gender: if enhanced called ID is turned on we will give the gender if we know that information
Email: if you add in the email address to the call detail this will be included
Tags: Any tag associated with this call
Status: The call dial status of completed busy no answer
Duration: the entire length of the call including the talk and ring time
Talk time: The amount of talking that happened during
Ring time: the time it took before someone or something picked up
Date & Time: date and time of the call
Recording: if call recording is turned on a wav and mp3 link will be included so they can hear the recording with in the notification
Call Agent: Person answering the phone If this was manually assigned or if automatically assigned by using a call queue
Call Key Press: If you are using an IVR within CTM we will show you what keys were pressed
Website Visitor: Referring URL & Landing URL
Paid Advertising: Medium / Campaign **key word will show if google has passed the information back to us in the time it takes to send the email**
Conversion Data: Call Score, will show either tags or the amount converted but not both
Form Fields: Any fields that are filled out in the form reactor

Step 5 is choosing the notification language
Choose from one of the 8 Languages that we offer.


Step 6 is preview but you must SAVE your Notification before you can preview:

So be sure to click the 394774.png button.

Lastly, if you are using Auto Lead Format you can turn that on in section 6.


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