Integrating CallTrackingMetrics with Zoho CRM

CallTrackingMetrics can integrate directly with your Zoho CRM account so that calls coming through your tracking phone numbers appear automatically as leads, activities, or as a custom object in Zoho CRM. This is a powerful way to ensure that all of your advertising and agent performance data feeds right into your Org so that your team can see which campaigns are driving calls and resulting in sales, giving you full visibility and actionable data to maximize your ROI.

Here are some of the most popular ways to use the Zoho CRM integration:

  • Quickly view your Zoho CRM records directly within the CallTrackingMetrics call log
  • Insert and update Zoho CRM records as calls are received using triggers to send call data directly to Zoho CRM.

Integration Requirements


  • You must be on the Sales Engage, Enterprise, Growth, or Connect plan.
  • User role must be Administrator or Agency Administrator

Zoho CRM Requirements:

Integration Setup

You can customize what data you send to Zoho CRM and when. This process can also be completely automated by using triggers

Note: The matching data point between Zoho and CTM is the caller's number.

It’s also possible to customize the data sent by mapping CTM fields to the corresponding Zoho CRM fields. These mappings can be unique across all Zoho CRM modules you have created.

Below is an overview of the steps you’ll need to take depending on your specific objectives for using CTM and the Zoho CRM integration together:

To connect your CallTrackingMetrics and Zoho accounts:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Integrations → Zoho CRM.
  2. Select the region your Zoho CRM account is registered in
  3. Connect your Zoho CRM account by clicking “Connect to Zoho”, then signing in to Zoho CRM and allowing CTM access.
  4. Once your account is linked, the page will refresh with a list of the Zoho CRM modules configured in your Zoho CRM account and the ability to map CTM call data fields to their corresponding fields in Zoho CRM.


To use your Zoho CRM integration within CallTrackingMetrics

  1. If you’d like to automatically have call data sent to Zoho CRM, create (or update) a trigger to include an “Upload to Zoho” action, which will Upsert(insert/update) the data.
    • Select which module you’d like to push the data to. Note: Only mapped modules will be available to push data to.
  2. If you’d like to manually insert/update Zoho CRM records, open the Zoho panel in the call log, enter the appropriate data, and click “Insert Zoho Record” or “Update Zoho Record.” The module you’ll be pushing the data to doesn’t need to be mapped on the integration settings page in order to do manual record management.



Note: Zoho only allows GCLID on the initial record creation. This means if you have triggers running to update records and want to send a GCLID value, Zoho will not accept it.

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