Integrating CallTrackingMetrics with KISSMetrics

KISSmetrics works by pooling your online data (e.g. website activity, webinars, email opens/clicks, online payments) with your offline data (e.g. direct mail, conferences, phone calls) to reveal every touchpoint a person has with your company, both before and after every purchase.  CallTrackingMetrics can integrate directly to your KISSMetrics account so you can see both online and offline interactions with your customer all in one place.

Make sure to install the KISSmetrics JavaScript code on your website. When we have visitor data available for a call, we will include the KISSmetrics-assigned visitor identity along with each call event.

Integration Setup

1) Navigate to Settings → Integrations → KISSmetrics.
2) Enter your KISSmetrics API key (found in your KISSmetrics settings).
3) Click Connect to KISSmetrics.

​Once each call has been logged in CallTrackingMetrics, data for it is immediately sent to KISSmetrics.

Integration Details

Event Name Properties Identity
Called In Customer phone number: phone number of person dialing in Phone number (eg.+18887675477)
  Call recording: a URL that links to the recording of the phone call  
  Call duration: duration of the call in seconds  
  Call ring time: number of seconds the phone rang  
  Call talk time: number of seconds the caller is talking to your team  
  Call tracking number: your Call Tracking Metrics number that the caller dials  
  Call tracking number label  
  Call receiving number: the internal number of the person who picks up the call  
  Call receiving number label  
  Call source label  
  Call status  

Example Call

+18887675477 did an event: Called in which has properties

  • Customer phone number: +18887675477
  • Call recording:
  • Call duration: 289
  • Call ring time: 32
  • Call talk time: 257
  • Call tracking number: +14159996666
  • Call tracking number label: Wall Street Journal ad
  • Call receiving number: +14159758000
  • Call receiving number label: Sally Jo
  • Call source label: Print Advertising
  • Call status: Completed

Aliasing Phone Numbers to Email Addresses

CallTrackingMetrics provides an area to add notes about the caller within the call log. You can also enter the caller's email address in the contact information panel.

Entering an email address aliases the email to the caller's phone number, so that events registered under either ID will represent the same person in KISSmetrics. This is key in tying together the call information you receive from this integration to the existing data you already collect online in KISSmetrics.

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