Google call details forwarding for call ads

CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) now has the ability to track call ads more precisely using a unique Click ID for mobile calls lasting longer than 15 seconds. This will provide exactly which click led to a phone call. In addition, other real-time data such as the ad group and campaign that triggered the call will be available. 

To ensure you have access to this data in CallTrackingMetrics you need to: 

  1. If you have the Google Apps Script Integration connected you first need to disconnect it. 
  2. Create a tracking source in CTM for Ad Extensions and assign your call ads tracking number to this source.
  3. Complete the CTM Google Ads Direct Connect (GADC) integration.
  4. You then need to enable CTM within your Google Ads account. To do this you must navigate to Account Settings > Call Reporting > Call Analytics Provider where you will then select CallTrackingMetrics from the list.


Here is some additional helpful information about call details forwarding for call ads from Google.

Once setup is complete, CTM will send your designated Ad Extension phone number(s) to Google. This is done automatically behind the scenes when you connect the GADC integration. Google will then know they can forward these calls to your tracking number within CTM.


TIP: It's a best practice to use the Ad Extension tracking source preset. 
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