Dynamic Call Scripts

CallTrackingMetrics now offers the option to create your own custom rules for when an inbound call script is presented to an agent.  With the new feature, you can set rules outside of tracking numbers to identify calls based on the content or activity of call conditions and dynamically present different scripts.  Here is some additional information regarding call scripts.

  • To set up a dynamic call script go to Settings → Team Settings → New Phone → Settings Answering Calls → to Auto-load Panel (In desktop mode) for scripts or contacts
  • Next choose → Workflow in the drop-down menu
  • Note: When operating in the desk phone interface, it automatically opens a specific panel related to the incoming caller. By default, this will open the contact panel unless a call script is configured on the inbound tracking number.

Then the rules menu will display - This is the Rules for call script or panel that is presented to an agent at the time the agent answers or connects to an activity e.g. answering a phone call.

  • Click → Add Rule
  • Next, set your condition(s)
  • If all of the following rules match using: If = is within or not within = Outcome

Once select, perform the following action:

→ Contact Panel

→ Scoring Panel

→ Salesforce Panel

→ Appointment

Next, select a call script.  Note: When a call script is selected it will automatically provide a script by tracking number or default to the contact to the contact panel 

  • Select →  Save Changes or select Add Rule(s) →  Save Changes when complete
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