February 2024 Release Video

Welcome to the first CallTrackingMetrics Release Notes Video of 2024! This video will cover the release of our new plans, our refreshed mobile app, ChatAI, and new integrations for Zoom and Yext.

New Plans 

We're excited to announce the launch of our new suite of plans, effective from January 3, 2024! With your feedback in mind, we've carefully crafted the Marketing Lite, Marketing Pro, Sales Engage, and Enterprise options to better meet your demands for transparent pricing and access to the features that matter most. Explore these new plans and discover how they can help drive your success while keeping your budget on track. We’re excited for you to join us in this new experience, designed with you at the center.

Mobile App Updates

We’ve refreshed the CallTrackingMetrics mobile app! 

After listening to your feedback at the start of 2023, we dedicated the year to making significant improvements to our mobile app experience. 

We focused on improving the app’s reliability to ensure stable calls and fewer dropped calls, in order to provide a dependable platform for your business communications.

Now, you and your agents can enjoy a new and intuitive design for easy navigation and call management. All the tools you need to manage inbound and outbound calls, send text messages, and engage in live chats are at your fingertips.

Newly integrated features to improve the app's functionality include: 

  • Insightful tracking source information, which is now displayed directly in the contact panel for better context on customer interactions.
  • Customizable fields for tailored data entry that aligns with your business needs.
  • A convenient 'remember me' option for effortless access, alongside the ability to view the password for secure login verification.

Available for all CTM accounts with agent access, download the CallTrackingMetrics Agent App today on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Take your business communications to the next level with the CallTrackingMetrics app, designed for peak agent performance and an unmatched customer service experience.

Learn more about our mobile app.


Are you ready to make sales, save time, and nurture leads from start to live agent with ChatAI?

ChatAI’s our premier AI-powered chat integration. It’s designed to help you provide more personalized support and boost engagement for both customers and leads. ChatAI not only adapts to your unique content, but also helps you provide accurate, content-based answers through a user-friendly chat widget.

So what are some of the key features you can expect? With ChatAI, you can: 

  1. Easily upload your company’s proprietary documents directly from your website or via Zendesk. This helps ensure that your chatbot sounds like your brand and is basing its answers off of your own knowledge base.
  2. Customize your chatbot’s responses with specific instructions to make sure every answer lines up with your company's communication style.
  3. Fine-tune the chatbot’s level of creativity to strike the perfect balance between innovation and consistency.
  4. Get valuable insights into ChatAI’s performance with really robust activity logs. This makes it simple to optimize how it interacts with your customers or leads.
  5. Smooth out the handoff from chatbot to live agent, so that when the conversation gets more complex, there’s a seamless transition to more personalized assistance. 

With ChatAI you can bring a new kind of intelligent customer service to your company and make every interaction an opportunity to impress and inform. ChatAI is available on the Connect and Sales Engage plans.

Want to discover more about ChatAI?

Zoom Integration

You can now view your Zoom calls in CTM! They’ll be categorized as 'Video' in your Activity log, right alongside Calls, Chat, Texts, and Forms. 

And, you can get even more insights out of your meetings with our Zoom transcription tool.  That way, after each call, you can get an AskAI-powered summary and rating for each meeting, so you can see all your communications together and accessible right in your CTM logs. 

So, what else can you do with our new Zoom integration? 

  1. You can connect your Zoom users to your CTM users and give them permissions to view their own videos.
  2. You can make users admins with special permissions to view all videos.
  3. If you need to, you can automatically redact video titles for privacy 

One thing you should be aware of: unmapped agent videos won’t enter the activity log. 

To recap, you can now elevate your Zoom meetings by using AskAI to capture the most valuable parts of every conversation. You can effortlessly summarize key points, rate sales conversations and identify action items. This integration is designed to enrich your video archives and streamline your workflow. 

As a bonus, AskAI can take notes during meetings and events, so you and your team can focus on the discussion at hand without distraction. The Zoom integration is available on Connect and Sales Engage plans. 

Learn more about our Zoom integration here.

Yext Integration

Do you use Yext? If so, our new integration should be very exciting!

Our cutting-edge integration with Yext helps you streamline your customer interactions and data management. You can now assign dedicated tracking numbers to your Yext listings, so you can track call sessions directly in CTM with pinpoint accuracy. Yext's robust citation management works in tandem with these tracking numbers to maintain consistent and accurate business information across the web.

This integration offers a dynamic two-way sync so that any updates to your Yext listings show up almost instantly within CTM. This means less manual work and more real-time accuracy for your business.

To make things extra convenient, now, when you assign a new tracking number to a Yext entity, our system converts the pre-existing number into an alternate contact option. This happens automatically, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of manual updates in Yext.

Read more about the Yext integration, see if it’s right for you.

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