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Why Was My A2P 10DLC Campaign Registration Rejected?

If your A2P 10DLC Campaign registration request is rejected for eligible reasons, you need to correct and resubmit your request. For a full list of eligible rejection reasons see below. If eligible, you can re-submit your Campaign registration after correcting the identified content violation by deleting and resubmitting the campaign. 

Rejection types eligible for resubmission

Each of the below rejection codes are eligible for resubmission. To resolve these issues, please take the corrective action(s) outlined in the table below, and then re-submit your Campaign registration request with the updated information.

Error Code Rejection category Rejection reason Correction needed
30886 Invalid Campaign Description Campaign description does not thoroughly explain the purpose of the campaign or description does not match the use case. Verify that the campaign description is accurate and detailed. If you are an ISV registering a direct offering to your customers, please indicate that in the campaign description. Resubmit campaign for review.
30893 Invalid Sample Message Use Case Sample messages are either not provided, unclear, or content does not match the campaign use case. Verify that sample messages are accurate and detailed. Sample messages should reflect actual messages to be sent under campaign and indicate templated fields with brackets. At least one of the sample messages needs to include your business name. Use case and campaign description need to match campaign description.
30892 Invalid Sample Message - Public URL Shorteners Public URL shorteners are not accepted. The website URL included in the sample messages was either from a public URL shortener or is non-secured. Remove public URL shorteners from sample messages.
30891 Invalid Website URL Invalid URL was provided for registration. Websites need to be functioning. If this is a registration pre-launch, it needs to be indicated in campaign description. Verify that provided websites are functioning or detail is provided if the registration is for a pre-launch website.
30896 Opt-in Error Opt-in message workflow is not sufficient for campaign type and consent is required or opt-in is shared with 3rd parties.

Verify opt-in meets CTIA's guidelines. All methods of opt-in need to be listed. If opt-in is collected through a paper form or behind a login, please provide a hosted link to the image of opt-in. If opt-in occurs on a website, please provide a link to the website. The website needs to have a privacy policy and terms of service. Ensure opt-in is not shared with 3rd parties.

30887 Opt-out Error Campaign indicated collecting and processing consumer Opt-Outs, but the workflow is unclear, missing opt-out keywords or opt-message. Verify that opt-out workflow is accurate and update Message Flow (labeled as 'How do end-users consent to receive messages' while submitting) description with opt-out process. If opt-out is managed, add opt-out keywords and update opt-out message to include acknowledgment of opt-out request, confirmation that no further messages will be sent, and brand name.
30890 Subscriber Help HELP message reply does not contain brand name, phone number, or email address. Verify that subscriber help message contains brand name, phone number, or email address. Message needs to guide customers on who they can contact after replying "help".
30889 Embedded Phone Number Embedded phone number use is selected, but is not reflected in the sample message. Verify embedded phone number selection is accurate. Update the Sample Messages with Embedded Phone Number or update Embedded Phone Number selection.
30888 Age Gate Not Present / Not Acceptable Age gate is not present. Verify and add a robust age gate to your website or opt-in policy.
30881 Invalid Brand Support Email Support email is not associated with the brand. The brand support email was either invalid or associated with a public domain email. Verify brand support email is valid and not associated with a public domain email.
30894 Invalid Brand Information Campaign registration needs to be associated with the brand behind the campaign. If you are an ISV registering a direct offering, campaign description needs to indicate a direct offering. Verify brand information is valid.
30895 Direct Lending - Campaign and Content Attribute Error Campaign is for direct lending or loan arrangement and is missing content attribute indicating direct lending. Verify direct lending or loan arrangement is selected for campaign registration. If the campaign is not related to direct lending or loan arrangement, please update the campaign description.
30903 Incorrect Sole Prop Brand Registration Brand behind the campaign does not meet the small business Sole Proprietor (EIN) criteria set by TCR and mobile carriers. Campaign can not be registered with a Sole Proprietor use case. Register the brand as a standard brand and register a standard or acceptable campaign use case that aligns with the registered brand’s classification.


Rejection types ineligible for resubmission

Each of the below rejection errors are due to forbidden messaging categories and are therefore ineligible for resubmission. 

Error Code Rejection Category Rejection reason
30883 Content Violation - SHAFT - Sex Submission included content such as nudity, pornography, sex toys, or other adult content
30883 Content Violation - SHAFT - Hate Submission included speech that is hateful, profanity, violent, incites violence, or similar speech
30883 Content Violation - SHAFT - Alcohol  
30883 Content Violation - SHAFT - Firearms Submission included: Firearms, Ammo, Gun Ranges (Common for guns to be sold at Gun Ranges)
30883 Content Violation - SHAFT - Tobacco / Vape Submission included products such as: Cigarettes, Cigars, Tobacco Products (Chew, etc.), Vape, Vape Juice, or similar items
30883 Content Violation - SHAFT - Marijuana / CBD Submission included products such as: Cannabis, Marijuana, CBD, THC, Hemp, or similar items
30884 Spam/Phishing Spam/Fraud team has flagged the number/business/traffic for spam or phishing.
30885 High Risk Spam/Fraud team has flagged the number/business/traffic for fraud or deceptive marketing.
30897 Disallowed Content Submission included: disallowed content types, such as Loan Marketing, 3rd party debt collection, gambling, sweepstakes, stock alerts, cryptocurrency, risk investments, debt reduction, credit repair, 3rd party lead generation, and federally illegal substances.
30882 Terms & Conditions Campaign does not meet Terms and Conditions.
30898 Excessive EIN Same EIN is used for multiple brands. Only register minimum number of brands per EIN and do not resubmit until brand registration is updated.


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