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Over the past few months our product and engineering teams have been busy preparing updates for you including: Buying Numbers, AskAI, GA4, CNAM Registration, SOC 2, and More!

Buying Numbers Just Got Easier

After listening to customer feedback on our number buying process, we’ve revamped this experience to be easier and more comprehensive. Now, you can configure numbers right from the Buy Numbers page in CTM. You can assign call queues, IVRs, Smart Routers, and geo routers. If you don’t have call routing, tracking numbers, or target numbers, you can create them right from the Buy Numbers page. We love customer feedback and are always looking for ways to put it into action – our new number purchasing process is proof!

Learn more about buying tracking numbers.

CNAM Registration

If you want a quick and easy way to increase your call answer rates, Caller Name (CNAM) registration is what you need. When you register your phone number with CNAM you can update your outbound caller ID. This way, customers, potential customers, and other businesses know exactly who’s calling (and are more likely to pick up). Registering with CNAM is an easy win if you want more answers to your calls. The registration process takes about two weeks, so make sure you take that timeline into account when making plans. 

SOC 2 Compliance

After much hard work, we’ve achieved our Systems and Organizations Controls (SOC) 2 compliance. This means that CTM meets rigorous industry standards of data protection as set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants B(recertification occurs every 12 months). Additionally, in conjunction with HIPAA compliance, a SOC2 certification means that we actively secure Protected Health Information (PHI) in communications and in the cloud. We’ve got best in-class security protocols that you can count on to keep your data, and customers, safe. 

AskAI Powered by ChatGPT

One of CTM’s new power tools is AskAI, the first tool in CTM to leverage OpenAI’s ChatGPT. With AskAI, you can use transcriptions from phone calls and chat to get concise AI-powered analyses of customer conversations. Setting up AskAI is simple. You set up a trigger to run after a call is completed and the transcription becomes available. 

AskAI is a useful feature for automating what used to be tedious, manual tasks. With AskAI, you can automatically summarize and score phone calls or extract specific information. You’ll no longer need to listen to phone call recordings to know how they went or where your agents can improve. It’s also great for saving time. Your agents can configure the tool to have full text message conversations to answer customer questions (with provided context, of course). 

Lastly, AskAI is HIPAA compliant! It’s a great option for healthcare professionals to save time without violating HIPAA guidelines or patient privacy laws. 

Discover AskAI powered by ChatGPT

Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Universal Analytics is sunsetting on Jul 1, 2023, and GA4 is here to replace it!

As such, we’ve ramped up our integration to match our customers’ needs. CallTrackingMetrics’ GA4 integration was the first of its kind in the industry, so we’re well-prepared to help you switch. Now, CTM can automatically match data streams in GA4. We’ve also simplified and automated CTM’s connection to GA4’s API. 

Our GA4 integration is available on all plans, with enhancements on the Growth and Connect Plans. 

Set up GA4 in CTM

Bookmark our Release Notes page in CTM’s Knowledge Base to stay on top of the Latest & Greatest from CTM!

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