Sharing an A2P 10 DLC Brand Registration Among Subaccounts

CTM's new brand sharing process provides customers with the ability to register one brand share that brand amongst it's subaccounts. This can only be done if the subaccounts are the same company and use the same EIN as the brand being shared (this will be verified during the business registration step).

  1. Follow the standard brand registration and complete steps one and two, this will register the main brand.

  2. Once the brand has been VERIFIED, click the Share Brand button and accept the terms.

  3. Create Trust Center(s) in the subaccounts by filling out the Business Registration form (using the same EIN as the main brand) and submitting. 

  4. In the new Trust Center, where the Register Brand button is, there should now also be a button Use Shared Brand, clicking this will connect the current Trust Center with the brand that was shared within the agency.

  5. You may now begin to register a campaign within new Trust Center using the shared brand. 

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