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Over the past few months our product and engineering teams have been busy preparing updates for you including: Global Automation, Text Message Routing, Preview Tasks for the Smart Dialer, and a refresh to our Google Ads UI. We have also added 5 free chat user licenses to the Connect plan!

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Global Automation:

With our new Global Automation features available on our Connect plan, customers can simplify process automation over multiple accounts using one set of rules. These can be applied using Triggers, Keyword Spotting, Webhooks, or Lambda functions.

This is a great tool if you have multiple sub-accounts that will need the same set of rules or workflows applied. Time is saved not only in creating these workflows but also when you need to make updates, as you no longer need to duplicate them in multiple sub-accounts. 


Text Routing:

With our new text routing capability, agents can respond to incoming messages immediately without the need to search the text log.  Agents are notified real-time of incoming text messages directly within their softphone (just like a phone call or live chat). This provides a great experience for agents while also ensuring customer needs are met.


In order for you to take advantage of the text routing feature there are 3 simple steps. 

  • First, make sure you have a tracking number that’s eligible to receive text messages
  • Next, identify or set up a queue with the assigned agents who will be receiving the text messages.
  • Lastly, make sure a user license is assigned for each agent in the queue.  

Help Article: https://calltrackingmetrics.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/6579242289165 


Preview Task: 

Next up, we are excited to announce a new mode within the CTM Smart Dialer: the ability to create a Preview Task


Using the Smart Dialer, this Task is presented to the agent so they are prepared before connecting to the phone call.  The Task can either display standard fields, or you can create a customized Agent Script. 


This feature is a great way for agents to stay organized while also staying productive.  This service is available on Connect plans only.    


Google Ads UI refresh:

Connecting a new Google Ads account has been streamlined with a slide-out screen that allows users to sync a Google Ads account with a CTM account. From here you can select an existing conversion action to map to OR you can create a new conversion action.


The new Lead and Sale rules allow agency admins to add or sync one or more Google Ads accounts to CTM without the need to configure individual triggers in each sub-account. 


These conversions and the conversion values can be divided and sent into both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. This is an exciting addition with the ability to send conversions into multiple ad platforms with new attribution models. 


Live Transcriptions:  

Unlock voice conversational intelligence with deep learning. Live transcriptions transform the audio of calls into organized scripts which provides a powerful understanding of the dialog of the call.  This can be a great tool for reviewing calls quickly, spot-checking performance and identifying trends utilizing keyword spotting.  When using Live Transcriptions in conjunction with Keyword Spotting it will scan those conversation transcriptions for you, looking for the presence of certain keywords. 


Then, it can automatically alert you when certain patterns are identified.   Our Live Transcriptions are available for both inbound and outbound calls. This feature is available on all CTM plans.   


Help Article (Call Transcriptions): https://calltrackingmetrics.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/6184575122957-Call-Transcriptions 


Free Licenses

5 Free Licenses are now available for our Connect Plan customers. These can be used for Text Routing or Live Chat. For live chat, start assigning agents and enable the feature for your account and begin utilizing this powerful feature for internal use as agents or admins as well as for customer facing experiences. 


SMS Text Message Routing can also be used for this offer. allowing your agents to respond to incoming text messages by easily notifying agents in real-time of incoming text messages with their softphone. Continue to enhance your customer’s journey and take advantage of these user licenses by upgrading to the Connect plan. 


Mobile App Corner Updates

We continue to enhance the user experience of our mobile app. Recent updates to our CallTrackingMetrics Agent App will assist agents with notifications and other helpful features. Download or open the app on Android or iOS to see the latest updates. 

  • Notifications for latest updates for the app show for agents to acknowledge before opening. Helps with transparency updates are deployed to keep the app relevant and successful. 
  • Activity menu item now displays additional information regarding who answers the call, chat, or webform will now appear above the caller id information on each record. Helps to provide a first glance preview of additional information for the agent app to make informed decisions. 
  • When selected, the ‘Summary’ view type remains after it is applied even when navigating to other locations in the app and closing and reopening the app. Agents who have a preferred view of activity information can now save time with these persistent views.
  • Incoming chat messages have a CTM notification pop up that allows available agents to ‘Ignore’ or ‘Accept’ along with a unique melody. These unique push notifications are real time reminders that help to capture agent attention and to assist with shorter response times.
  • Agents can send and receive images from users as well as canned responses. This feature allows the interaction between agents and users to be more detailed and to possibly provide focused assistance as well as faster resolutions. 


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