Trust Center Registration FAQs (2022)

Trust Center FAQs 
Q: Once the Trust Center has been submitted, it is entered into “In Review” status. Are you able to go into the In Review submission? Are you able to see who submitted it?
A: No, once the submission is In Review status, it can not be accessed and there is no way to see who submitted it until the approval or rejection comes through from the carrier.
Q: How do we know when our Trust Centers status has been updated?
A: Whoever was listed as the Authorized Representative will receive the status updates.
Q: How long does this process take?
A: It takes about 2 weeks to complete, with Step 1 taking at least 5 business days.
Q: If you have a Trust Center that was previously Carrier Approved and changed to Draft status BEFORE you submitted the Toll-Free Messaging Registration Form.
A: You can access the link to the Toll-free form here. You are required to update the draft business registration as well.
Q: When was the Trust Center originally implemented?
A: 2020 and the carrier has been evolving it ever since. 
Q: What happens if we don’t register our business?
A: You will be out of compliance with the FCC (Business portion) and our carrier (Brand and campaign regulations), making you unable to send Text Messages.

Q: Can I be an Authorized Representative on multiple Sub Accounts?

A: Yes, The Authorized Representative is the person responsible for this Trust Center registration. This person will be the point of contact for CTM.
Q:What campaign type should I choose?

A:Please go toCTIA to assist with finding the best campaign for your business.

Q:If I'm not sending outbound SMS do I still have to register my business?

A:Yes, the Business Registration is an FCC requirement. You would need to create the Business Registration but not the Brand or Campaign Registrations.

Q:Can someone who is not a CTM user be added as an Authorized Representative?

A:No, please only register CTM users. Updates are in progress for a drop-down to make only users in that account selectable.

Q:How many Brands can I register per account?

A:Only one (1) Brand per account.

Q:Are my campaign(s) affected if my account balance is negative?

Yes, there is a 15 day grace period to get your account balance positive. After 15 days the campaign is deactivated and you will need to re-create it. 
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