Trust Center Registration (2022)

A Trust Center business registration that was previously in Carrier Approved status and now appears with a status of Draft is required to be re-registered. There are 3 parts of the registration process, Business, Brand, and Campaign. Each step requires verification and approval before you will be able to proceed to the next registration. This process takes around 2 weeks to complete. Please go to Numbers>>Trust Center>>click Edit.
1. Business Registration: Validation takes at least 5 business days
  • EINs are the only US identification number that can be used. (If you previously registered with a DUNS number, you will now be required to register with an EIN.)
  • An authorized representative is required. This email address will receive status notification emails throughout the entire process.
2. Brand Registration:
  • This is typically the same name as the business.
  • A One-time brand registration fee of $44 will be deducted from your CTM available balance upon submission.
3. Campaign Registration: (Use Case)
  • The campaign being registered should be relevant to the approved brand.
  • Depending on the campaign use case selected, there will be a monthly fee of up to $10 that will be deducted from your CTM available balance beginning upon submission.
  • Monthly campaign fees will continue to be deducted until the campaign is deactivated.
  • A maximum of 49 numbers can be registered under one (1) campaign.
  • A maximum of 49 campaigns can be registered under one (1) brand.
4. Assign your Tracking Number(s) to a campaign
  • Each Tracking Number can only be assigned to one campaign at a time.
You will then be ready to send text messages through the new A2P 10DLC routes.To help alleviate your calls being counted as SPAM go to add a layer of validation.To add a layer of validation for text campaigns go to
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