Multi-touch Attribution Reporting at the Contact Level

The incorporation of multi-touch attribution reporting for contacts is now a part of the Visitor Detail panel within the call log. This feature will help to determine which customer touchpoints are the most important in the buyer’s journey that ultimately lead to a conversion. The addition of contact-level attribution reporting supplements CallTrackingMetrics’ key features of connecting offline activities to online behaviors. This data gives additional insights for contacts in order to learn about your customer’s journey and offer insights about:

  • What tracking source the contact came from (their most recent interaction)
  • How many interactions has this contact had with our organization
  • What is the preferred method of communication for this contact

Several fields are included in this panel:

Tracking Source

  • Last Touch: Displays the last clicked ad and corresponding keyword the conversion came from.
  • First Touch: Displays the original source the conversion came from or the first-clicked ad and corresponding keyword. 

Activity Counts

  • View how many activities a contact has had, and the types of activities they were, e.g., calls, texts, chat, and forms. 

Last Interaction

  • Current last touch source that provides the most recent activity date, time, and Activity ID. 


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